Definition of relinquishment in English:



  • See relinquish

    • ‘The partial relinquishment of sovereignty to the European Union is seen by many people as jeopardizing national integrity; renewed interest in the flag is one response to that situation.’
    • ‘Caretakers report behavior problems as the primary reason in 40% of dog relinquishments and 28% of cat relinquishments.’
    • ‘Acquiring knowledge about animal behavior, as well as general animal health care, prior to acquiring a pet could prevent relinquishments of this type.’
    • ‘The family must gradually relinquish control while maintaining ‘a veto against excess and danger,’ in which the relinquishment is at least as difficult for the parent as the veto may feel to the child.’
    • ‘Among the Buddhist monks, it was their practice as part of their religion to shave off their heads as a symbol of relinquishment of all fascinations for worldly attractions and stringency of living as well.’