Definition of relink in English:



[with object]
  • 1Connect or join again.

    ‘work starts next month to relink severed railways across the Demilitarized Zone’
    ‘a new entrance route will relink the Central Garden with the National Mall’
    • ‘The country held symbolic ground-breaking ceremonies to relink railways and roads through the heavily fortified demilitarized zone splitting the peninsula.’
    • ‘The Farm Bill does relink conservation requirements to the receipt of crop insurance premium subsidies.’
    • ‘It takes time for the airlines to relink their crews with the aircraft once they start to get their systems back in order.’
    • ‘A new entrance route will relink the Central Garden with the National Mall at ground level, while an underground route with connect the subterranean galleries of several different museums.’
    • ‘£42.6bn to relink London to the West Midlands and Manchester is abhorrent; even with super high-speed trains.’
    • ‘This was done to receive funds that would be emptied out of the old account plus give us a place to relink our other accounts.’
    1. 1.1Computing Create a hyperlink between (web pages or hypertext documents) again.
      ‘this tutorial will show you how to relink media files’
      no object ‘I just wanted to relink to a really interesting article my brother sent me’
      • ‘It actually provides two ways to relink media files.’
      • ‘Was it really needed to relink back into this same article constantly?’
      • ‘Also below the Matched Files list are the buttons to cancel the process or relink the files.’
      • ‘You can also relink one or a selection of embedded images using this plugin.’
      • ‘I need to relink them to this blog because it consistently gets 1000 pages views a day, weekdays and weekends.’
      • ‘At the top you can choose to relink just the missing files or all media files related to the Event.’
      • ‘To show just one of the major differences between the current crop of leading politicians, let me relink to the page devoted to nothing but his ongoing involvement with the Italian judicial system.’
      • ‘Dragging all the media files to corresponding folders on the big drive means having to relink each media file, since the file location and path has changed.’
      • ‘In "Preferences" you can set the depth level, relink documents for offline browsing and enable Web Dumper to check for updates at program startup.’
      • ‘In honor of those early days, I'm going to relink to the first site I ever linked to.’