Definition of religo in English:


nounPlural religos, Plural religoes

Australian, NZ
  • A religious person.

    ‘the religos want to impose their individual views on to the rest of us’
    • ‘I want a level playing field, a field you religos do not ever want.’
    • ‘You religos can't discriminate and you shout discrimination.’
    • ‘Its audience are religos and bigots.’
    • ‘This decision is blocked by the religoes.’
    • ‘I will take the "religoes" a lot more seriously when they demonstrate that they practice what they preach.’


Australian, NZ
  • Religious.

    ‘I didn't really like all the religo stuff’
    • ‘Let's not offend the religo demo that may scoff at gays in a commercial.’
    • ‘We don't need a bunch of religo freaks deciding what we watch.’
    • ‘These are the scare stories I heard all the religo nuts talk about.’
    • ‘My religo friend then stops us and says, "This is serious guys."’
    • ‘Try answering the door to the religo door-knockers stark naked.’


1950s: abbreviation of religious.