Definition of reliever in English:



  • 1Something or someone that relieves pain, distress, or difficulty.

    ‘a great game to play as a stress reliever’
    • ‘Acetaminophen is considered to be the most widely used pain reliever in the world.’
    • ‘Sometimes the best stress reliever is a comforting hug from someone we love.’
    • ‘I discovered playing capture the flag at night is the best stress reliever ever.’
    • ‘Natural remedies take one of two forms, either immune stimulators or symptom relievers.’
    • ‘Not for him were the usual off-hour stress relievers like running or rounds of golf.’
    • ‘Ibuprofen, a common ingredient in pain relievers, may counteract with aspirin.’
    • ‘The mixture of aloe vera and lavender is a terrific sunburn reliever.’
    • ‘Exercise is a proven tension reliever.’
    • ‘A moisturizer, exfoliator and itch reliever, oatmeal is a triple-threat skin treatment.’
    • ‘Most people believe over-the-counter pain relievers don't have side effects.’
    1. 1.1 A short-acting bronchodilator drug administered by inhalation to relieve acute symptoms of asthma.
      ‘relievers are taken immediately when you experience any asthma symptoms’
      • ‘She was prescribed reliever and preventer drugs.’
      • ‘All treatments improved both asthma symptoms, as seen by a reduced requirement for reliever treatment.’
      • ‘Generally it's adequately managed with occasional use of reliever medications when required.’
      • ‘Relievers can be short-acting or long-acting.’
      • ‘Patients with persistent asthma require a regular controller medication as well as a reliever.’
      • ‘Relievers are taken immediately you experience any asthma symptoms.’
      • ‘There are two main kinds of asthma medicine, both of which involve inhalers - relievers and preventers.’
      • ‘Relievers are used when asthma symptoms occur.’
      • ‘Anyone using a reliever inhaler - for when an attack strikes - more than three times a week should also be using the preventer.’
      • ‘Her doctor prescribed her an expensive, branded asthma reliever.’
  • 2Baseball
    A pitcher who enters the game in place of the previous pitcher.

    ‘the team needs a right-handed reliever’
    • ‘We're going to give up home runs, but the good relievers bounce back.’
    • ‘Reliever John McNabb pitched the last two innings.’
    • ‘Last year the team had four lefthanded relievers on its opening day roster.’
    • ‘After the delay that it took to have the reliever warm up, the game returned.’
    • ‘He's the best reliever you've never heard of.’
    • ‘Reliever Eric Baxter pitched three hitless innings to finish the game.’
    • ‘Starting pitchers can have up to five available pitch types, while relievers can sometimes have as little as two or three.’
    • ‘No pinch hitters, runners, or relievers were used.’
    • ‘It is time to pull the pitcher and put in the reliever.’
    • ‘Who are the game's best stoppers in the bullpen and which relievers prevent the most runs?’