Definition of relief country in English:

relief country


mass nounAustralian
  • Pasture available for use by livestock brought from areas affected by drought.

    ‘several properties are transporting their stock to relief country’
    • ‘Northwestern graziers would prefer to bring feed to their stock than remove them to relief country.’
    • ‘Relief country was not available for starving stock.’
    • ‘Drought compels the immediate removal of 5 million sheep from the eaten-out plains to relief country in the hills.’
    • ‘If relief country can be found, stock routes are short of feed and trucking difficulties are accentuated.’
    • ‘How often has this district been used as relief country?’
    • ‘The extension of our present lines will allow the transport of sheep to relief country.’
    • ‘He reported that two days previously he had brought in 28 head of cattle from relief country.’
    • ‘There's a rebate on stock returning from relief country to which they may have been driven by road.’
    • ‘Relief country was becoming increasingly difficult to secure.’
    • ‘The relief country was overstocked, and some losses ensued as the animals returned to their original pastures.’