Definition of relicense in English:



[with object]
  • License or authorize again.

    ‘over 280 projects must be relicensed over the next fifteen years’
    ‘the relicensing of five hydroelectric power plants’
    • ‘The board will demand specialist medical advice that this is not the case, otherwise it is inconceivable that he will be relicensed.’
    • ‘Will the state refuse to relicense a vehicle owned by someone with a prior drunken driving offence?’
    • ‘Representatives of thalidomide victims met officials from the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medical Products yesterday to discuss whether it should be relicensed in Britain.’
    • ‘This was allegedly because traffic authorities failed to record on computer that the vehicles had been taken off the road and had to be retested before being relicensed.’
    • ‘In fact, all existing rail operators will have to relicense, as will those that provide access to the track.’
    • ‘Subject to certain terms and conditions, we will provide up to $125,000 in incentives for a new, converted, or relicensed midscale brand hotel or $50,000 for a similarly franchised economy brand hotel.’
    • ‘The surge in capacity growth, Christopher says, is a result of the ongoing relicensing of the nation's commercial nuclear fleet.’
    • ‘There is some evidence that relicensing policies based on measurements of static acuity and visual field reduce accidents on the road.’
    • ‘To win relicensing, owners had to accept tougher web filtering technologies, something industry sources believe was long planned.’
    • ‘Second, in place of the present lifetime licences for second-hand dealers, there will be relicensing and recertificating every 5 years.’
    • ‘The 18-month privatization process relicensed 26 cellular lines, 27 fixed lines and one long-distance company.’
    • ‘Revised plays had to be relicensed by the censor, but this requirement seems to have been ignored by most acting companies.’
    • ‘It is already the case that at the time of relicensing with police, firearms licence applicants voluntarily allow the recording of details of firearms they possess.’
    • ‘Although relicensing of doctors is well established in the US, systems to evaluate competence rigorously are still some way off’