Definition of reliably in English:



  • In a consistently good or accurate way.

    ‘few of these paintings can be reliably dated’
    • ‘Scientists are working toward a simple blood test that would reliably detect ovarian cancer at its earliest stages.’
    • ‘The group then is trained to identify and score product attributes reliably.’
    • ‘Geophysical equipment has to be very robustly designed to work reliably in environments like this.’
    • ‘The birds could not be reliably identified to age or sex.’
    • ‘The movie reliably entertains for its 90-minute running time.’
    • ‘We must wait for a few more weeks for the weather to be reliably warm enough for the new baby chicks.’
    • ‘The heating system can reliably keep up with the high heating demands.’
    • ‘The film posits a future in which a genetic fluke has produced psychics who can reliably predict murder.’
    • ‘I'm reliably informed that most actors like to stay away from typecasting in roles.’
    • ‘The Oregon system seems able to provide housing reliably, even during boom times.’