Definition of relevé in English:



  • 1Ballet
    A movement in which the dancer rises on the tips of the toes.

    • ‘One foot relevés are considerably harder than on two feet.’
    • ‘She can come down out of a relevé while she's still turning, for a quiet deceleration, or descend into plié to start a new jump or traverse.’
    • ‘This is a three-step waltz pattern, stepping Right, Left, Right while executing plié, relevé, plié.’
    • ‘When you get to the point where the body hits the correct attitude line, your attention is taken up with the next difficulty such as promenading in that attitude, or balancing it in relevé, for instance.’
    • ‘However, in a series of relevés sur la pointe to arabesque she has an unfortunate jerk to her chin as she hits her balance.’
  • 2Ecology
    Each of a number of small plots of vegetation, analysed as a sample of a wider area.

    • ‘This is a listing of all relevé plot locations within the project area.’
    • ‘All relevés of the same type of vegetation to be analyzed in a study need to be the same size.’


French, literally ‘raised up’.