Definition of relevance in English:


(also relevancy)


mass noun
  • The quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate.

    ‘this film has contemporary relevance’
    ‘the quantity, quality, and relevance of links count towards your rating’
    ‘the Web does allow us to produce more articles of relevance to our readers’
    • ‘We know they are songs from a bygone age yet they somehow they seem to have such relevance today.’
    • ‘Having a better understanding of the make-up of my students allows me to establish the relevance of the course material to their specific interests.’
    • ‘The content should also be of relevance to workshop participants.’
    • ‘Adults are more concerned in learning material that has immediate, direct relevance to them.’
    • ‘The "truth" or "fiction" of a story has no relevance to the quality of a movie.’
    • ‘Sadly enough, Arthur Miller's The Crucible never seems to lose its relevance.’
    • ‘Defining the potential role of these agents in the treatment of breast cancer is of great clinical relevance.’
    • ‘In my judgment the decision is of little relevance to the present case.’
    • ‘National politicians spend an increasing amount of their time dealing with issues of only remote relevance to ordinary peoples' lives.’
    • ‘The film contains a potent message about prejudice that continues to have relevance for today.’