Definition of relentlessness in English:



  • See relentless

    • ‘It is the relentlessness and the variety of the procedures available that helps the current preoccupation with beauty - both male and female - to proliferate.’
    • ‘And since ‘regimes’ have more power and relentlessness than a typical person ever does, the response is always likely to be out of proportion to the alleged offence, even if the offence was real.’
    • ‘At the very end, one's answers to the questions the world has posed with such relentlessness are to be found in the facts of one's life.’
    • ‘That kind of relentlessness was never available to me as a newspaper columnist.’
    • ‘There is a relentlessness about Rangers' current progress which reflects the mentality of their manager and, entrusted with a clinical execution in the second half, his players didn't let him down.’