Definition of relaxedness in English:



  • See relaxed

    • ‘Jeremiah had red hair just like Grace's, but instead of sizzling with energy like his sister, Jeremiah seemed to exude calm and relaxedness.’
    • ‘Indeed, there wasn't a person that Cravis could see clearly who did not possess a mental sharpness about them, an alertness that only battle could provide, a calm relaxedness that only experience created.’
    • ‘Mr. Johnson had a perfectly molded face: High cheek bones, perfectly defined; a pair of small lips, a relaxed look, with a brow that only added to the relaxedness; his nose was perfectly placed upon the almost flawless face.’
    • ‘She plays an extraordinary Isolde, right up until the finale - a heartening model of highly dramatic relaxedness and brilliance.’
    • ‘We fit elliptical isophotes to a diverse sample of Chandra cluster data and summarize other methods for quantifying relaxedness.’