Definition of relaxation oscillator in English:

relaxation oscillator


  • An oscillator in which sharp, sometimes aperiodic oscillations result from the rapid discharge of a capacitor or inductance.

    • ‘We found that the PD / AB complex is best modeled as a relaxation oscillator with two solution branches, one depolarized (the burst) and one hyperpolarized, with hysteresis with respect to the slow variable.’
    • ‘It may be that in saccular hair cells, which are designed to detect low frequency vibrations, slow motor-mediated relaxation oscillators are sufficient to provide a rudimentary amplification of signals.’
    • ‘These studies are all based on assumptions that are inappropriate for the bursting neurons, strong coupling, and relaxation oscillator dynamics observed in the hybrid circuits in this study.’
    • ‘It behaves as a relaxation oscillator, comprised of both slow (the ROS buildup in the mitochondrial matrix) and fast (the IMAC opening and rapid ROS release) processes.’
    • ‘Because we have access to only a single variable, the time series recording of the membrane potential, we need a second variable, preferably a slow one to capture the relaxation oscillator dynamics that characterize the AB / PD complex.’