Definition of relator in English:



  • 1Law
    A person who brings a public lawsuit, typically in the name of the Attorney General, regarding the abuse of an office or franchise.

    • ‘He has to exercise a discretion, and he has to decide whether, in his view, it is in the public interest that the relator should be able to bring proceedings in the particular respect.’
    • ‘Because then we would have had a so-called controversy between the Attorney-General, the relators and a judge who, by our convention, simply submits to the will of this Court, the orders of the Court.’
    • ‘Public nuisance is a tort as well as a crime but civil proceedings may be brought only with the consent of the Attorney-General on a relator action.’
    • ‘Your Honour, may I answer the question perhaps on behalf of the relators?’
    • ‘Your Honour, that is not unusual, of course, in the course of relator actions but it possibly creates difficulties.’
  • 2

    variant spelling of relater