Definition of relativize in English:


(also relativise)


[WITH OBJECT]Philosophy Linguistics
  • 1 Make or treat as relative to or dependent on something else:

    ‘it is not that such judgements do not have a truth value, but that they do not have one unless relativized in a particular way’
    • ‘I arrive at the conclusion that it is a symptom of a more general phenomenon whereby contextual parameters can be relativized to bearers of propositional attitudes.’
    • ‘It is not the same, since truth for Hellenistic philosophers is relativized to times.’
    • ‘Suppose, then, that a reliable cognitive process is one which is relativized to persons.’
    • ‘Evidential relationships must be relativized to individuals and their degrees of belief.’
    • ‘For example, moral subjectivism is that species of moral relativism that relativizes moral value to the individual subject.’
    1. 1.1Physics Treat (a phenomenon or concept) according to the principles of the theory of relativity:
      ‘the way Einstein relativizes motion’
      • ‘The bare facts of Einstein's initiation into the problem of relativizing gravitation theory are known.’
      • ‘It only takes a cursory look at Einstein's calculations to see that this attempt to relativize rotation is a nonstarter.’