Definition of relativistic in English:



  • 1Physics
    Accurately described only by the theory of relativity.

    • ‘And thus we have the birth of relativistic gravitation theory.’
    • ‘The program takes into consideration various relativistic effects, such as Lorentz contraction, red/blue Doppler shift, headlight effect and optical aberration.’
    • ‘At some point after its formation, the black hole emits a flare of superheated gases, travelling at relativistic speeds.’
    • ‘The scientists at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider fired beams of gold nuclei into each other at relativistic speeds, creating a ball of plasma around 300m times hotter than the surface of the sun.’
    • ‘Jammer also accuses Einstein of assuming the expression for the relativistic kinetic energy of a body.’
  • 2Relating to relativism.

    ‘the relativistic nature of human experience’