Definition of relative density in English:

relative density


  • The ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a standard, usually water for a liquid or solid, and air for a gas.

    • ‘We used seedling density values to calculate the relative density of each species.’
    • ‘‘Acceleration is dependent on the relative density of the ‘host’ mass‘’
    • ‘Hemlock decreased in relative dominance but increased in relative density in both sites where it was present.’
    • ‘The average importance value for each tree species in each plot was calculated as the mean of the relative basal area and the relative density.’
    • ‘The position at which influent water penetrates the lake water depends on the relative densities of the water masses.’
    • ‘However, the relative density of this species was negatively correlated with tree age in the sapling layers of abandoned agriculture plots.’
    • ‘Most species changed little in relative density or basal area.’
    • ‘I used relative basal area as a measure of importance, because that value is less influenced by differences in sampling procedure than is relative density.’
    • ‘The layers would reflect the relative density of the crystals and the order of crystallization.’
    • ‘For ground, sub-canopy and shrub vegetation, importance values were calculated using relative cover, relative frequency and relative density.’


relative density