• 1Belonging to the same family, group, or type; connected:

    ‘sleeping sickness and related diseases’
    • ‘Opioid receptors are a family of related G-protein-coupled receptors.’
    • ‘In this study we examine secular and geographical trends in the sex ratio for coronary heart disease mortality and other related conditions and compare these to trends in distributions in risk factors.’
    • ‘The unique pattern of year round influenza activity and a biannual epidemic pattern in tropical Asian countries complicate the routine assessment of the related disease burden.’
    • ‘Considering all these factors, exercise enhances your cardiovascular and respiratory health, and helps reduce your risk of related diseases.’
    • ‘About half of women with ICP have a family history of related liver disorders.’
    • ‘P values are from logistic regression, adjusting for confounders and taking account of dependence between related individuals.’
    • ‘These core patents, once issued, can then be used as a foundation for building families of related patents.’
    • ‘A related problem is the dilemma of the liberal humanist.’
    • ‘Folate is a generic term used for a family of related compounds that exhibit similar vitamin activity within the body.’
    • ‘The links that you have pointing to your site must be quality, related links that belong to the same category.’
    • ‘Technically, a family consists of all related kin and can include hundreds of people.’
    • ‘Kindreds, networks of related nuclear families, are very important to the urban elites.’
    • ‘Some other sapotes belong to the related genus Pouteria.’
    • ‘The 430 species and cultivars described in detail in the book belong to the true grass family and related families of grasslike plants.’
    • ‘Glaucoma is a group of related diseases that damage the optic nerve that carries signals from the eye to the brain, and damage is usually caused by increased fluid pressure within the eye.’
    • ‘Motor neurone disease is the name given to a group of related diseases affecting the motor neurones in the brain and spinal cord.’
    • ‘The basic unit of traditional Sioux family and community life is the tiyospaye, a small group of related families.’
    • ‘ALS is a family of related diseases that affect the nerve cells along which the brain sends instructions to the muscles.’
    • ‘All the money raised will go towards providing services and support for the 33,000 people in Ireland suffering from the disease or from related dementia.’
    connected, interconnected, associated, linked, coupled, correlated, allied, affiliated, accompanying, concomitant, corresponding, analogous, kindred, parallel, comparable, equivalent, homologous, incidental
    of the same family, kin, akin, kindred, of the same blood, with a common ancestor, with a common forebear, connected
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    1. 1.1[in combination] Associated with the specified item or process, especially causally:
      ‘income-related benefits’