Definition of rejoicing in English:



mass noun
  • Great joy; jubilation.

    ‘the ban was lifted in 1990 amid general rejoicing’
    • ‘And when this happiness is achieved, there is genuine rejoicing.’
    • ‘I am happy to be ecumenical in my outlook on this great day of rejoicing.’
    • ‘Both these events occasioned great rejoicing in the tax honesty community.’
    • ‘There have been moments of great rejoicing.’
    • ‘Yet even then, there will be little rejoicing.’
    • ‘In truth there was no cause for rejoicing, nor need to turn around, either.’
    • ‘For all their rejoicing, these women did not look forward to imprisonment!’
    • ‘In Britain, America, and France, the end of the war was remembered as a time of rejoicing.’
    • ‘Rejoicing is something we should all do for a long list of reasons.’
    • ‘Warne's unhappy marital situation is no cause for rejoicing.’
    • ‘Let the rejoicing begin.’
    • ‘Births are occasions for rejoicing, with male babies preferred over females.’
    • ‘When she arrived, there was great rejoicing.’
    • ‘Human mortality is a rather sobering thought; it is hardly conducive to rejoicing.’
    • ‘He also said cheap flights should be a cause for rejoicing.’
    • ‘Anyway, an occasion for rejoicing, you might think.’
    • ‘That the movie is well made and fairly accurate are causes for even greater rejoicing.’
    • ‘This time also marks the beginning of spring, the season of renewal, and a cause for general rejoicing.’
    • ‘More rejoicing may be only 12 months away.’
    • ‘The ladies finish the main course and the dessert cart arrives to much rejoicing.’