Definition of rejoice in English:



  • 1Feel or show great joy or delight.

    ‘we spent the evening rejoicing at our victory’
    ‘he rejoiced in her spontaneity’
    • ‘They enjoyed a perfect dinner later that night, laughing and rejoicing at the sight of her home.’
    • ‘He quickly set her down as soon as she was done rejoicing at his presence.’
    • ‘MARRIAGES ARE always occasions for rejoicing.’
    • ‘While rejoicing at the ending of World War II, Baptist women already looked to the challenge of the future.’
    • ‘Can he really believe that this depiction of extreme violence, with Roman torturers rejoicing at what they do, will somehow make the world a better place?’
    • ‘Private carriers for a York parcel delivery company were today rejoicing at the news that they are to be paid at last.’
    • ‘There was rejoicing at the Academy and every tenant in the valley cheered his health.’
    • ‘The father, however, rejoiced, for it had cut him to the heart to leave them behind alone.’
    • ‘This meant genuine sympathy when things went wrong and rejoicing at one another's achievements.’
    • ‘Every spring there comes a moment when you hear the joyous song of a bird and you rejoice with it that spring has arrived.’
    • ‘Liam Griffin amused and captivated his political audience in a venue still rejoicing at Kilkenny's hurling victory.’
    • ‘He would prefer to die than hear the jeers of people rejoicing at his downfall.’
    • ‘Hitler was dead and the world was rejoicing at the end of six years of conflict.’
    • ‘We all laugh now, rejoicing at my inability to remain mute.’
    • ‘I cannot tell you the joy of reunion, for no words would suffice to delve into such deep delight, such ecstatic rejoicing!’
    • ‘This is an occasion for all of us to meet and rejoice.’
    • ‘He knew, with a certainty, that his father would have been rejoicing.’
    • ‘Not everyone was rejoicing at Thompson's appointment, however.’
    • ‘Your father and mother, and your brother, they will rejoice to hear that you live.’
    • ‘Blunsdon may be rejoicing at the recent decision to build a bypass for the village but compulsory purchase orders for the land required could threaten a number of businesses.’
    happiness, pleasure, joy, gladness, delight, elation, cheer, jubilation, euphoria, delirium, ecstasy, rapture, transports of delight, exuberance, exultation, glory, triumph, celebration, revelry, merrymaking, festivity, feasting
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    1. 1.1rejoice inBritish Used ironically to draw attention to a strange characteristic, especially a name.
      ‘the guard rejoiced in the name of Blossom’
      • ‘The cool-water assemblage was dominated by another species, which rejoiced in the glorious name Neogloboquadrina pachyderma.’
      • ‘At the latter, another Scottish desk sergeant told me the head of the Scottish Flying Squad, who rejoiced in the name of Fletcher Catchpole, was celebrating his ‘collar’ in the next-door pub.’
      • ‘Those Victorians who rejoiced in statistics could relish the expansion of the system.’
      • ‘And far from rejoicing in the increased life expectancy of people his age, he seemed to take comfort from the thought that he had not ‘far to go’.’
      • ‘Being booked for rejoicing in a goal is sheer folly in itself.’
      • ‘Others e-mailed from home, rejoicing in the delights I was experiencing.’
      • ‘Yes, she grew up in Kikbirnie, heartland of the Ayrshire steelworks, where her school chums rejoiced in names like Lenin McKay and Joseph Stalin McGregor.’
      • ‘The client is an extremely rich businessman with a ‘Russian’ accent rejoicing in the name of PG Wodehouse.’
      • ‘Can I ask, on another matter: Dr Lee's essay is quite interesting, but it refers to a case which rejoices in the name of the Chicken Catchers' Case…’
      • ‘What would be the point of Blackburn fans rejoicing in the victory over the ‘old enemy’ if many can't be bothered to cheer the side on to a potential semi-final clash at the Millennium Stadium?’
    2. 1.2archaic with object Cause joy to.
      ‘I love to rejoice their poor Hearts at this season’
      • ‘Some of the chimes resemble the dolls that usually rejoice infants.’
      • ‘The gondola with the music comes every evening at the same time, rejoicing me as I listen.’
      • ‘I am rejoiced that the strong and their hosts are coming.’
      • ‘His many friends are rejoiced at the happy fruition of his vocation, and will wish him many long years in the sacred ministry to work for the honour and glory of God.’
      • ‘Let the bed that rejoices the heart be prepared!’
      be joyful, be happy, be pleased, be glad, be delighted, be elated, be ecstatic, be euphoric, be overjoyed, be as pleased as punch, be cock-a-hoop, be jubilant, be rapturous, be in raptures, be transported, be beside oneself with joy, be delirious, be thrilled, jump for joy, be on cloud nine, be treading on air, be walking on air, be in seventh heaven, exult, glory, triumph
      take delight in, find pleasure in, take pleasure in, find satisfaction in, take satisfaction in, feel satisfaction at, find joy in, enjoy, appreciate, revel in, glory in, bask in, delight in, exult in, triumph over, relish, savour, luxuriate in, wallow in
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Middle English (in the sense ‘cause joy to’): from Old French rejoiss-, lengthened stem of rejoir, from re- (expressing intensive force) + joir ‘experience joy’.