Definition of reiterate in English:



  • [reporting verb] Say something again or a number of times, typically for emphasis or clarity.

    [with clause] ‘she reiterated that the government would remain steadfast in its support’
    [with direct speech] ‘‘I just want to forget it all,’ he reiterated’
    [with object] ‘he reiterated the points made in his earlier speech’
    • ‘Ms. White was again reiterating her opposition to an inter-urban motorway but stated she fully supported the upgrading of roads and the urgent need for a Carlow bypass.’
    • ‘The children signed cards reiterating that they would be around for their elders in their times of need.’
    • ‘The media also vividly portrayed the emotional sequel of the disaster reiterating the importance of emotional support and psychological interventions.’
    • ‘It pledged that there would be no more problems, and Liz received a letter the following day reiterating this.’
    • ‘He has also written to them reiterating his commitment to ensuring all the relevant facts are made available.’
    • ‘But the Commission's latest offer reiterates clearly that the EU is not prepared to contribute to a new agreement at any price.’
    • ‘May I reiterate comments made four years ago, which I will repeat with monotonous regularity until something is done about it.’
    • ‘We will be reiterating that safety message until the crossing is turned back on.’
    • ‘But while the research is taking place, the Department of Health is reiterating its precautionary advice on the use of mobile phones.’
    • ‘Advertisements will also appear in the national press this week and the local press next week reiterating this public health message.’
    • ‘I must commend the writers of the two letters in your June 30th issue reiterating the need for abortion rights for women.’
    • ‘India lacks in ‘improved coaching techniques’ and facilities, she reiterates.’
    • ‘The resolution also includes a clause reiterating an existing law that prevents more than four unrelated persons from living together in one house or duplex.’
    • ‘Officials at Sligo General Hospital are reiterating an apology to a patient who received the wrong medication on being discharged.’
    • ‘But the Burnley boss insists he is still keeping one eye on the opposite end of the table after reiterating that survival remains his number one target.’
    • ‘They carried placards reiterating the need for abolishing child labour and the slogans emphasised the need to end this social menace, which was rampant in developing countries.’
    • ‘And mortgage brokers are now reiterating the basic premise that any loans will affect the size of a mortgage a lender will allow.’
    • ‘The emphasis on technical skill was reiterated again and again in the Kennedy household.’
    • ‘This practice of reiterating the connection between Indigenous people and our countries is a tradition within the movement of Contemporary Indigenous art and photography.’
    • ‘He said the board was making progress towards a decision on the future of the bank's UK operation, reiterating that retention rather than divestment was on the agenda.’
    repeat, say again, restate, retell, recapitulate, iterate, rehearse, belabour, dwell on, harp on, hammer away at
    do over
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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘do an action repeatedly’): from Latin reiterat- gone over again, from the verb reiterare, from re- again + iterare do a second time.