Definition of reird in English:


(also reard, reerd, raird)


English Regional, Scottish, Northern
  • A loud cry, roar, or other vocal outburst made by a person or animal; noise or din made by the shouting, roaring, etc., of a person or animal. Also: a rebuking or reproachful way of speaking; a scolding tongue. Now rare.


  • no object Scottish. Of a thing: to make a noise; to resound. Of a person or animal: to shout, roar, bellow; (later also) to scold or be abusive to someone in a loud voice; to boast or brag loudly. Now rare.


Old English (in an earlier sense). Cognate with Old High German rarta sound, voice, harmony, Gothic razda speech, language, dialect (translating ancient Greek γλῶσσα and λαλία talk, speech: see -lalia), and (with assimilation of consonants) Old Icelandic rǫdd, (inflected) radd- voice, music, speech; further etymology unknown. A connection with Sanskrit ras- to roar, yell (originally specifically of donkeys ‘to bray’), to resound, rasita roar, yell, has sometimes been suggested, but is not generally accepted<br>Old English (in an earlier sense). From reird.