Definition of reinvention in English:



mass noun
  • The action or process through which something is changed so much that it appears to be entirely new.

    ‘the reinvention of classic punk rock’
    count noun ‘the perpetual reinventions of street culture’
    • ‘She has continued to balance original songs with reinventions of tunes by a diverse range of songwriters.’
    • ‘More than a mere note for note re-arrangement, this version is a brilliant, vital reinvention of a familiar work.’
    • ‘The film was an inversion of the American gangster picture, a reinvention by means of revision.’
    • ‘The involvement of women in directing teen comedies has expanded cinematic depictions of gender through negotiating the reinvention of generic conventions.’
    • ‘Every print was almost a reinvention of the art.’
    • ‘New York has always been a place of constant reinvention.’
    • ‘It's a pleasure to see the 'zombie movie' recreated with some good reinventions of the classic mythology.’
    • ‘She welcomes her adopted language, its possibilities for reinvention.’
    • ‘These artists also contributed to the reinvention of artistic practice.’
    • ‘Prior to his reinvention of himself, Don Quijote's name was Alonso Quijano, owner of an estate in La Mancha.’