Definition of reinvade in English:



[with object]
  • Invade (something, especially a country or region) again.

    • ‘Despite an aggressive campaign two years ago to eliminate the species, water hyacinths appear to be reinvading much of the lake.’
    • ‘On a more populist level, sunken living rooms are reinvading suburbia as Americans ditch large open spaces for rooms with more intimacy.’
    • ‘When it came to be reinvaded by 55,000 Marines of III US Amphibious Corps on 20 July 1944, the Japanese defenders put up a stiff fight for three weeks, but over 10,000 were killed.’
    • ‘The uninhabited and forested Noises Islands (Motuhoropapa and Otata) off northeast New Zealand were reinvaded by Norway rats at least six times between 1981 and 2002.’
    • ‘‘Illegal occupants were previously removed last year due to unsafe building conditions, but unfortunately the building was reinvaded,’ Singh said.’
    • ‘After the retreat of the ice sheets since the last glacial maximum, northern Europe was subsequently reinvaded from several refuges in southern Europe.’
    • ‘By 7 months after the poisoning, Messenger reports, ‘one dead colony had been completely reinvaded.’’
    • ‘Because the ice cap retreated from south to north, the brook charr reinvaded eastern Canada northward from the single ‘Atlantic’ glacial refugium located off the Atlantic coast of New England.’
    • ‘After dissociation, the nascent strand may anneal to a complementary single strand, reinvade a template to be extended by additional synthesis, or undergo end joining.’
    • ‘In North America, where most mountain ranges run north to south, many species were pushed south during glaciation and were able to reinvade northward during subsequent glacial retreat.’
    • ‘Seastars commonly reinvaded the removal plots in a matter of days following the manual removals, particularly in spring and summer when seastars are most active.’
    • ‘They are also helping develop innovative techniques to prevent the weeds from successfully reinvading.’
    • ‘For the past five years, however, malaria has reinvaded a broad swath from Asia to the Americas, with rare occurrences even reported in the United States.’
    • ‘In one study, they determined how quickly other termites would reinvade an area after a single colony had been eliminated.’
    • ‘The armyworm probably does not overwinter in Nebraska, but reinvades the northern part of its range each spring.’
    • ‘In principle this molecular epidemiological approach, in conjunction with ecological data, will allow estimation of the risk that houses will be reinvaded after spraying.’
    • ‘By the Convention of Sintra, the French left the country, but they reinvaded a year later.’