Definition of reintroduction in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of bringing something, especially a law or system, into existence or effect again.

    ‘a possible reintroduction of fees for students across the county’
    • ‘People who object to the covert reintroduction of rates through the bin tax will have to watch their refuse pile high outside their homes.’
    • ‘New opportunities in the rental property sector have arisen following the budget's reintroduction of mortgage interest relief.’
    • ‘The move represents, plain and simple, the reintroduction of fees.’
    • ‘There is a compelling argument for the reintroduction of compulsory scripture classes in every secondary, not to mention, business school.’
    • ‘The reintroduction of mortgage interest relief led to a lot of nonprofessional investors entering the market.’
    • ‘The reintroduction of monarchy would inevitably result.’
    • ‘People are worried that the Iraqi intervention and an enlargement of the military will lead to the reintroduction of the draft.’
    • ‘The store is also getting back to its Victorian roots with the reintroduction of the 'Divi', which guarantees a cash payout for customers.’
    • ‘Thanks to the reintroduction of % financing, carmakers' sales soared in July.’
    • ‘Opponents argue that refuse charges are double taxation - a reintroduction of residential rates abolished in the 1970s.’
    1. 1.1 The action of putting a species of animal or plant back into a former habitat.
      ‘the reintroduction of diverse species of flora’
      count noun ‘the first ferret reintroductions took place in Wyoming’
      • ‘Colorado officials soldiered forward with the reintroduction effort, however, and the first batch of Canadian lynx were set loose in February.’
      • ‘The initial reintroductions of river otters at high altitudes didn't seem to take.’
      • ‘The Nene, or Hawaiian Goose, was bred at the Wildfowl Trust in England until enough were available for reintroduction to Maui.’
      • ‘Twenty wolves were reintroduced in central Idaho, and the reintroduction was spectacularly successful.’
      • ‘Other beneficial changes have been documented since wolf reintroduction into Yellowstone.’
      • ‘He'll also study the introduction and reintroduction of other plants on other types of soil.’
      • ‘The primary goal of the Condor reintroduction project is to change the bird's status from "endangered" to "threatened".’
      • ‘Beginning with the first reintroductions in 1992, 13 condors have been reintroduced into the wild in Santa Barbara County.’
      • ‘His efforts have even resulted in the reintroduction of the California condor, which nest on parts of his property.’
      • ‘The grower must use every precaution to avoid the possibility of the reintroduction of viruses once the new plantings are established.’