Definition of reinterpretation in English:



mass noun
  • The action of interpreting something in a new or different light.

    ‘his reinterpretation of modern rock classics’
    • ‘The cottage is a wonderful reinterpretation of the small lot city house.’
    • ‘Scholarly reinterpretation of the altar's upper text has been accompanied by reidentification of the seated figures who appear along the main block's sides.’
    • ‘Milton's marital experience underlies his reinterpretation of at least two Biblical passages.’
    • ‘The theater group offered an even more radical reinterpretation of Samson et Dalila.’
    • ‘Reinterpretation is finally not enough: the Aeneid must be rewritten.’
    • ‘He quotes liberally from earlier music on this disc, which contains three reinterpretations of the traditional concerto.’
    • ‘Thackeray's "Rebecca and Rowena" is an amusing sequel to, and critical reinterpretation of, Scott's tale.’
    • ‘The play is a reinterpretation of "Cinderella" as set in the Caribbean.’
    • ‘A contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional form, the cloister is a luminous, humanly scaled ambulatory space that leads visitors through the pavilion.’
    • ‘The chandeliers he creates suggests that it is a form awaiting reinterpretation if not reinvention.’