Definition of reinstitute in English:



[with object]
  • Institute or introduce again.

    ‘by reinstituting conscription they could alienate a new generation of American youth’
    • ‘The Guild reinstituted a health care package during its annual membership meeting on December 2-4 in Austin, Texas.’
    • ‘The current surgical procedures for lung transplantation do not reinstitute the systemic circulation of the graft.’
    • ‘At the point that the physician reinstituted mechanical ventilation, patients were predicted to be an average of 13 minutes away from task failure.’
    • ‘The United States has decided to embark on increasing the vaccine stores available for smallpox vaccination and has developed a plan to reinstitute vaccination.’
    • ‘Satan will be bound, and the temple will be rebuilt and the sacrificial system reinstituted.’
    • ‘After the delirium clears the drug may be reinstituted at a much smaller dose.’
    • ‘Some weeks after surrender, most of the known Union sympathizers joined others in a public call to reinstitute civil government.’
    • ‘The need for additional nutritional supplements was noted, and proper supplementation was reinstituted.’
    • ‘He said that plans to reinstitute the death penalty are going forward.’
    • ‘The board will explore ways to reinstitute this valuable program.’
    • ‘The shortfalls in military recruiting have led to speculation that the government might be forced to reinstitute the draft.’
    • ‘The U. S. colonial government is trying to reinstitute the death penalty in Puerto Rico.’
    • ‘We need to reinstitute the competitive system they used in Rome.’
    • ‘Finally, when soldiers return to work, profit sharing is reinstituted as if they had never left.’
    • ‘The international programmes of the Reagan years are also being reinstituted.’
    • ‘We will tell them about the fact that we have reinstituted apprenticeships.’
    • ‘By the turn of the twentieth century it had become clear that white supremacy would be reinstituted.’
    • ‘The Taliban reinstituted that practice, using bulldozers to push over the walls.’
    • ‘Realistically speaking, there is no way that Congress will vote to reinstitute the draft.’
    • ‘He has also offended Jewish leaders by reinstituting a prayer for the conversion of the Jews in the Latin prayers on Good Friday.’
    reintroduce, re-establish, reinstall, reinstate, reinstitute, relaunch, revive, resuscitate, resurrect, breathe new life into
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