Definition of reinsert in English:



[with object]
  • Place (something) back into its previous position.

    ‘she reinserted the card into its place in her file’
    • ‘I assumed the problem was a bad card, particularly after I reinserted my old video card and it was fine.’
    • ‘Those treated cells are reinserted into the tumor with the hope that the recipient's own immune system gets a boost to destroy the cancer.’
    • ‘He briefly waved at Miguel before reinserting his hand back into his pocket.’
    • ‘The surgeon then reinserts the endoscope, and the procedure continues.’
    • ‘The patients were not seriously hurt, and their tubes were reinserted.’
    • ‘I ended up ejecting it and reinserting it, and it mounted fine.’
    • ‘I reinserted my card and all processed normally.’
    • ‘Two states dropped the provision from their constitutions and then reinserted it.’
    • ‘We begged them to reintroduce the medication to fight the infection and to reinsert the tube for his food, and he's never looked back.’
    • ‘Then something like a receipt or a statement came out of the machine and she took ages reading it before reinserting her card and doing the same again.’
    • ‘Allow the primer time to dry before reinserting the points, clips, or strips and applying the glazing compound.’
    • ‘‘Okay, Mom! ‘she called back, reinserting the dipstick into the transmission under the hood.’’
    • ‘Subsequently, each time it is reinserted, the device backs up only files and folders which have changed since the previous backup.’
    • ‘I reinserted the fragments in their collated moments in the journal.’
    • ‘Then the doctor would surgically extract the eggs from the ovary, fertilize them, and reinsert them into the womb.’
    • ‘If a trace of blood does not appear at the vaccination site within 15 to 30 seconds, three more punctures should be performed without reinserting the needle into the vaccine vial.’
    • ‘One scene Jason repeatedly mentioned was that when abdominal fluid was being taken from his mother-in-law, the needle fell out of her abdomen onto the bed, and the doctor just reinserted it without taking any disinfection measures.’