Definition of reinforced concrete in English:

reinforced concrete


mass noun
  • Concrete in which metal bars or wire is embedded to increase its tensile strength.

    • ‘The building rests on 150 reinforced concrete piles 8m in length, which act as heat store and exchanger.’
    • ‘They are made of steel, reinforced concrete, and concrete stave.’
    • ‘The construction of the new building is a reinforced concrete frame with suspended concrete floor slabs.’
    • ‘The use of the latest construction techniques in reinforced concrete resulted in a delicate exterior with a light-filled open-plan interior.’
    • ‘The form of the building is a simple extrusion constructed with a series of parallel reinforced concrete walls under an oversailing heavy timber roof.’
    • ‘I was able to assure them, for example, that the tall, slender 52-story hotel was of reinforced concrete and therefore more fire resistant than buildings of structural steel.’
    • ‘With local labour and resources, a two and a half kilometre canal was built of reinforced concrete, with a stone aqueduct over the valley that can also carry pedestrians.’
    • ‘The ideal building is made from stone, brick, or with strong reinforced concrete structure.’
    • ‘Other structural elements of the building are of reinforced concrete.’
    • ‘The second-level floor is made of reinforced concrete over commercial-grade metal decking.’
    • ‘The foundation of the building and its lowest level of flooring were made of reinforced concrete.’
    • ‘However, residents will have to wait a further three months for work to start on the construction of earth embankments, protective steel sheets and reinforced concrete walls.’
    • ‘The ground floor is constructed of reinforced concrete, which supports a lightweight timber frame for the upper stories.’
    • ‘The building structure, typically, is steel frame or reinforced concrete.’
    • ‘Construction is reinforced concrete with prestressed concrete floors.’
    • ‘New buildings of reinforced concrete have been faced with red brick with windows of enamelled steel sections, hammer finished in grey.’
    • ‘Damascus is also a city of cars, highways, and tall modern buildings made of reinforced concrete.’
    • ‘Such houses look like traditional brick built houses, but they incorporate in their construction reinforced concrete columns the embedded steel of which is ineffectively protected against corrosion by the surrounding concrete.’
    • ‘Construction is of reinforced concrete and is carefully detailed to avoid the main problem of the area, which is of course not damp but dust.’
    • ‘The roof was made of reinforced concrete about 18-20 cm in thickness with reinforcing bars within the concrete.’


reinforced concrete

/ˌriːɪnfɔːst ˈkɒŋkriːt/