Definition of reinflate in English:



[with object]
  • 1Fill (something, especially a tyre) with air or gas again.

    ‘the tyre was reinflated from the truck's compressor’
    • ‘The lungs are then reinflated with a buccal pump.’
    • ‘It's hard to get excited about a presidential candidate who bases his fiscal policy on the expectation that the internet bubble is going to reinflate.’
    • ‘They put in two chest tubes to reinflate my lung.’
    • ‘I'm also curious how regular riders might be able to patch and reinflate tubeless road tires out in the field?’
    • ‘The really ironic thing is, once I get the tires reinflated I have to cycle down to the bike shop anyway to get the gears fixed on the darn thing!’
    • ‘He or she then asks the anesthesia care provider to reinflate the patient's lung and sustain lung expansion at 30 mm Hg of pressure.’
    • ‘It seals the puncture and the tyre can then be reinflated ready for use.’
    • ‘But his animals could be called back to life by visitors, who could reinflate them by blowing through rubber hoses connected to the flaccid structures.’
    • ‘Also known as pneumothorax, a collapsed lung is treated by reinflating the lung.’
    • ‘Because if that doesn't happen, the terrorism bubble will reinflate and bad things will follow.’
  • 2Cause inflation of (a currency) or in (an economy) again.

    ‘bond markets are healthy because they believe Mr. Greenspan won't reinflate the currency’
    • ‘The usually prescribed solution is fiscal austerity combined with slowly reinflating the money supply while restoring the salvageable banks to solvency.’
    • ‘He, apparently, was intent on reinflating the economy through cuts in interest rates and credit expansion, but there was little effective change in monetary policies over the next several months.’
    • ‘People are expecting profits to reinflate, but I think we've still got a long haul before earnings have deflated to reasonable levels that will allow for decent future growth.’
    • ‘But its ‘affordable housing ‘in the south will reinflate house prices and bring more congestion to overcrowded roads and rails.’’
    • ‘Wary of reinflating the stock market and property bubbles in Japan, the country's central bank held back for a time from aggressively pumping money into the economy.’