Definition of reindeer moss in English:

reindeer moss


  • A large branching bluish-grey lichen which grows in arctic and subarctic regions, sometimes providing the chief winter food of reindeer.

    Cladonia rangiferina, order Cladoniales

    • ‘There he purchased a large quantity of reindeer moss from the farmers in the nearby area.’
    • ‘The two lichens of economic importance are Iceland moss, Cetraria islandica, and reindeer moss, Cladonia rangiferina.’
    • ‘When the weather's fine there's excellent walking on a network of inland tracks that climb past peat-dark lakes through cloudberries, bilberries, saxifrage and reindeer moss, with eagles above and the occasional moose up ahead.’
    • ‘There's no sign of humanity for many miles - just low hills, a few black spruce, a thick cover of reindeer moss, and an endless succession of lakes and rivers.’