Definition of reincorporate in English:



[with object]
  • Make (something) a part of something else once more.

    ‘a campaign to reincorporate the visual arts into religious devotion’
    • ‘Once you start to reincorporate the food back into your diet you will be able to tell if your body is responding negatively.’
    • ‘I strained the cream and milk mixture to get rid of the twigs - but reincorporated some of the zest and thyme leaves - and beat it into the eggs and sugar.’
    • ‘The Red Army retook the Baltics in 1944, and reincorporated them into the Soviet Union.’
    • ‘Morality in the form of giving needs to be reincorporated back into our society.’
    • ‘He then ploughs down the clover and other crop residues, reincorporating them back into the soil.’
    • ‘As part of an agreement brokered by government authorities, all workers were to be reincorporated unless the company could prove just cause by the beginning of February.’
    • ‘Some stuff eventually got reincorporated into our lives, and some we found we could live quite happily (often more happily) without.’
    • ‘Teeth are in fact alive, and can be kept in a good state by being immersed in milk to increase the chance of them being reincorporated into the body.’
    • ‘All have avoided paying tens of millions in taxes by reincorporating offshore while pocketing tens of millions in federal contracts.’
    • ‘It's unclear whether the recipe wanted us to retain the juice and reincorporate it or dump it.’
    • ‘To start with, all the independent homelands have been reincorporated into the Republic.’
    • ‘In preparation for 1997, when Hong Kong was reincorporated into China, there was a rapidly increasing body of mainland Chinese living and working in Hong Kong.’
    • ‘Garden design is an ever-changing movement of different styles, with older ones never really dying out but simply being reincorporated into different plans.’
    • ‘U.S. companies are slashing their tax bills by tens, and sometimes hundreds, of millions of dollars by reincorporating themselves offshore.’
    • ‘The goal of her thoughtful analysis is to reincorporate the father back into the family picture or narrative, a narrative from which he has been excluded both figuratively and literally by the mother.’