Definition of reignite in English:



  • Ignite or cause to ignite again.

    no object ‘oven burners automatically reignite if blown out’
    • ‘The attack reignited fears of a renewed intimidation campaign on the school.’
    • ‘The chief inspector of schools yesterday warned a two-tier curriculum was emerging in primary schools - reigniting the debate over pupil testing.’
    • ‘The administration's decision has reignited debate over whether affirmative action is an effective tool against racism, or a racist policy in and of itself.’
    • ‘You know, you watch children grow up and it sort of reignites memories of your own childhood.’
    • ‘Watching tournament play reignites some of that interest, though not to the point where I would ever enter a contest.’
    • ‘However, the issue reignited when the meeting moved onto councillors' motions.’
    • ‘A crisis that reignites social turmoil could easily be triggered by outside factors.’
    • ‘The tragedy has reignited calls for improved safety standards at all country crossings.’
    • ‘The union's executive members will be faced with a difficult choice of accepting the deal as put forward by the employers or risk reigniting the dispute, which hit firefighters heavily in the pocket.’
    • ‘The world's weather extremes have reignited the debate about global warming.’
    • ‘But with the onset of April month the whole town seems to be reignited in same old legendary charms, and natural wonders.’
    • ‘Now the row is reigniting with the government about to introduce legislation formally barring pupils from wearing religious symbols in school.’
    • ‘The meeting was about reigniting the political will to turn empty promises into results, he said.’
    • ‘The most sophisticated fish auction in Europe has finally opened in Hull, revolutionising the lives of trawlermen, processors and merchants and reigniting the port as a major player in the international fish trade.’
    • ‘If McConnell is serious about reigniting enthusiasm then he needs big ideas, and he needs them fast.’
    evoke, call up, conjure up, rouse, stir, revive, awaken, refresh, renew, resuscitate, revivify, rekindle, rejuvenate, stimulate
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