Definition of Rehab farm in English:

Rehab farm


  • A farm bought with government assistance by a serviceman returned from the Second World War.

    ‘there were two other Rehab farms next to ours’
    • ‘The farm had been turned down in the early days for a rehab farm because of the gorse which has long been a problem on Banks Peninsula.’
    • ‘Rehab farms were usually about 500 acres which meant that this farm was not put in the ballot for the returned servicemen.’
    • ‘We visited neighbours three or four miles further on at Kirribilli, one of several Rehab farms balloted after the war.’
    • ‘His first property was won through the Returned Servicemen's Rehabilitation Scheme and known as a Rehab farm.’
    • ‘After my father came back from World War II, he was given what was known as a rehab farm.’
    • ‘When the Rehab farms were being developed dairy farmers were expected to milk at least 45 cows.’
    • ‘Their time here began with a ballot for a rehab farm.’
    • ‘This has happened on another Rehab farm in the valley.’
    • ‘We had three rehab farms, all beside each other, all about the same size.’
    • ‘When the war ended, he was allocated a rehab farm.’