Definition of regulation in English:



  • 1A rule or directive made and maintained by an authority.

    ‘planning regulations’
    • ‘The regulations require certain information to be contained in the agreement.’
    • ‘You don't want to be bogged down with all those bureaucratic rules and regulations?’
    • ‘The crane was not thoroughly examined prior to assembly as required by the applicable regulations.’
    • ‘We now have rules, regulations and laws against racism, and more people are taught not to be racist.’
    • ‘As well as not having a permit, the disco violated several fire safety regulations.’
    • ‘Let's look at the basic rules and regulations governing scientific research.’
    • ‘Nobility involved a way of life, not the exercise of a profession bound by rules and regulations.’
    • ‘It is widely believed that the regulations will be relaxed over the coming years.’
    • ‘At this stage, there are no regulations or criteria for how these academies should be run.’
    • ‘These regulations have not yet been decided but are expected in the coming weeks.’
    • ‘Because the council is a statutory body, it cannot change its regulations without a change in the law.’
    • ‘I do know there is a provision in the regulations relating to length of sailing vessels.’
    • ‘Secondly, you have to make sure you don't fall foul of the new regulations.’
    • ‘The vast majority of motorists will not be directly affected by the regulations.’
    • ‘Snap decisions can be taken, but we all have to work with regulations and guidelines.’
    • ‘Will the tighter regulations on consent help restore public confidence and hold doctors to account?’
    • ‘The tribunal accepted that there are restrictions on the weight of doors imposed by fire regulations.’
    • ‘All military forces require a code of laws and regulations for the maintenance of discipline and good order.’
    • ‘Under the new regulations, headteachers will have the option to expel pupils or involve the police.’
    • ‘Tougher building regulations to raise the energy efficiency of new buildings are to be introduced.’
    rule, ruling, order, directive, act, law, by-law, statute, edict, canon, ordinance, pronouncement, mandate, dictate, dictum, decree, fiat, proclamation, command, injunction, procedure, requirement, prescription, precept, guideline
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    1. 1.1as modifier In accordance with regulations; of the correct type.
      ‘regulation army footwear’
      • ‘Few schools had a special uniform for summer, so the girls remember having to go tramping in the heat in serge gym frocks and white blouses and regulation footwear.’
      • ‘The match ended in a goal less draw in regulation time.’
      • ‘When Jana emerged from the stall, she was tucking her white shirt into the regulation plaid skirt and was muttering harshly under her breath.’
      • ‘All snipers carry not only the L96 but also a 5.56 mm regulation rifle.’
      • ‘The game remained tied at the end of regulation play, and went into a 10-minute sudden death overtime.’
      • ‘For jazz and tap classes, girls and boys generally are required to wear footless black tights over their regulation leotards.’
      • ‘All transport systems must meet regulation standards’
      • ‘On the first day she had had her skirt to the regulation length and all other uniform on correctly.’
      • ‘His ship's uniform was casual, allowing the crew some leeway in their dress, with regulation insignia as the only standard.’
      • ‘Strict rules at secondary schools meant that girls had to keep their hair short or wear it tied back in ribbons of the regulation colour.’
      • ‘She says it will be business as usual once all the regulation safety checks have been done.’
      • ‘Only about 50 of our homes have been brought up to regulation standard with new windows, heating and doors.’
      • ‘Both teams finished the regulation seven innings with three runs apiece.’
      • ‘Today's players throw at a cork board mounted at regulation height and divided into 20 wedges, each narrowing toward the bullseye.’
      • ‘Bands that mature and develop in Canada are also able to receive government funding for their projects and are promoted by radio regulation standards set by law.’
      official, prescribed, set, fixed, required, mandatory, compulsory, obligatory
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    2. 1.2informal as modifier Of a familiar or predictable type; formulaic.
      ‘a regulation Western parody’
      • ‘Anwar apparently rediscovered religion after the untimely death of his young daughter and since then sports a regulation beard.’
      • ‘The view in itself is so hedonistic and so filling that it often helps me forsake my regulation morning croissant.’
      • ‘Inside, four men are standing in a line across the stage, legs the regulation three feet apart, demonstrating an Olympic standard formation headbang.’
  • 2mass noun The action or process of regulating or being regulated.

    ‘the regulation of financial markets’
    • ‘The key theme of section two is the relationship between banking and financial regulation by the state.’
    • ‘How much regulation of financial services do we really need?’
    • ‘It was a mistake to let ideological obsessions about the free market and lack of regulation govern economic policy.’
    • ‘The instrumental reason, which is probably the most important to regulators, is that excluding citizens from the advisory process may hamper regulation.’
    • ‘There's a huge amount of regulation in the financial services world and the vast majority of it is sensibly based.’
    • ‘But how should the process of regulation be managed?’
    • ‘As with any political process, regulation involves contests for power, and cultural forces and structures shape it.’
    • ‘One of the risks of far-flung markets with poor regulation is a lack of dependable financial data.’
    • ‘To get a fuller picture of the process of regulation of the miliary economy, let us specify what we mean by this process.’
    • ‘The aim of the Tobacco Bill is to boost regulation and control of sale, marketing and smoking of tobacco.’
    • ‘Major discrepancies in the two submissions were the areas of tuition regulation and financial support distribution.’
    • ‘And such bodies should also be aware of the strength of public opinion on matters such as financial regulation and control.’
    • ‘In any case, heavy regulation of the equities market began after the crash.’
    • ‘The new era of mortgage regulation brings some important changes for consumers.’
    • ‘Consequently, ‘We have to go back to regulation and a controlled system and force the market to do what we want’.’
    • ‘It is clear that its creation marks a milestone in the reform of Irish financial regulation, but it should be seen as the beginning of a process of reform rather than an end point.’
    • ‘There must be either voluntary or public regulation of the process to ensure that the first three conditions are met’
    • ‘As pointed out before, one of the reasons for wage inflexibility is labour market regulation.’
    • ‘The drug is known to affect the thought process and mood regulation, and recent evidence suggested it could destroy nerve cells at certain doses.’
    • ‘In addition to legal reforms there are changes in market regulation pertaining to the state monopolies.’
    adjustment, control, management, balancing, setting, synchronization, modulation, tuning
    supervision, policing, overseeing, superintendence, monitoring, inspection, administration
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