Definition of regularity in English:



mass noun
  • The state or quality of being regular.

    ‘he came to see her with increasing regularity’
    count noun ‘the patterns and regularities of social life’
    • ‘Two names in particular are mentioned with alarming regularity: Margaret and Bridget.’
    • ‘The six forwards, both midfielders and two defenders all hit the target with great regularity.’
    • ‘Painting classes with Camlin and cooking lessons with renowned chefs are held with unfailing regularity.’
    • ‘I enjoy the games and find them challenging even requesting them with some regularity.’
    • ‘It should follow that February will have a level of regularity to its rainfall pattern.’
    • ‘Allegations of fake encounters have been made with unfailing regularity over the last 12 years.’
    • ‘New pressures and threats, however, keep coming up with alarming regularity.’
    • ‘The regularity with which public events are hosted at the school has led to the need for a sound system of their own.’
    • ‘New museums open with regularity, attracting more audiences.’
    • ‘I got rid of the car in 1996 and haven't driven a stick shift with any regularity since.’
    • ‘The headache was still there, pounding against the back of his forehead with some regularity.’
    • ‘Punctuality and regularity at work are two of Cole's other strong points.’
    • ‘In addition, various combinations of pearl necklaces come in and out of fashion with regularity.’
    • ‘Very few other Asian and African countries have held elections with such regularity as India.’
    • ‘It was a rather meek cat which did not go anywhere near the goldfish bowl and used the litterbox with admirable regularity.’
    • ‘I haven't watched series television with any kind of regularity since… I don't remember when.’
    • ‘So why is it that the studios are continuing to make these films with such regularity?’
    • ‘Bullets are flying with alarming regularity in Vancouver these days.’
    commonness, currency, widespread presence, generality, pervasiveness, universality, extensiveness, ubiquity, ubiquitousness
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