Definition of regular verb in English:

regular verb


  • A verb following the normal pattern of inflection.

    ‘the general rule is that regular verbs form the past tense by adding -ed’
    • ‘As a general rule, it may be noticed that every regular verb in Italian assimilates very closely in sound with a corresponding French verb.’
    • ‘It is very important to show elementary kids the patterns and rules for regular verbs and nouns.’
    • ‘Unlike regular verbs, irregular verbs (about 150 in all) do not have past forms which can be predicted.’
    • ‘A test based around 29 irregular verbs and 29 regular verbs was presented to the young participants.’
    • ‘Before you all throw out your French text books and switch to Arabic, let me warn you that there are about 250 different types of regular verb, each of which conjugates into 110 forms.’
    • ‘The first verb conjugations you will probably encounter are those of simple regular verbs in the present tense.’
    • ‘The Spanish verb "entrenar" is a regular verb and belongs to the first conjugation type (that is, to the group of verbs (infinitives) ending in -ar).’