Definition of regs in English:



  • Regulations.

    • ‘Conservatives in Congress are talking about subjecting cable TV to the same indecency regs that govern broadcast networks.’
    • ‘The water fountain example is relevant because it is the type of thing sleazy companies will do to get around regs.’
    • ‘She knew how Starke was regarding rules and regs.’
    • ‘On Aug. 13, Minnesota became the first state to declare Vonage a telephone service subject to state regs, including paying fees to fund 911 service.’
    • ‘Pfizer also has initiated a $5 billion stock buyback - though the company says that isn't a direct result of the profits it's shipping home, since share repurchases aren't allowed under the Treasury regs.’
    • ‘By keeping these ‘rules, regs, and recommendations’ of the search engine copywriting game in mind, you're sure to create copy that impresses both your visitors AND the engines.’
    • ‘With all the new regs in place - Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley and the like - boards are going to see the light; they'll start to understand how important infosecurity is.’
    • ‘FI changed the regs to prevent out and out domination.’
    • ‘So, while the Twenty-First Amendment insists that booze regulation is a state matter, the Commerce Clause rather insists that a state can't have two sets of regs, one for its own producers, and one for the rest of the country.’
    • ‘While the regs don't take effect until 2005, compliant equipment could come to market next year.’
    • ‘‘Those regs are as good as gold,’ said Ellen Kearns, an employment lawyer who specializes in wage-and-hour issues with Epstein Becker & Green in Boston.’
    • ‘While Big Business chafes at many federal regs, in recent years it has begun to recognize the advantages of uniformity over a 50-state patchwork of laws.’
    • ‘To comply with the new regs, U.S. farmers and food processors would have to completely change the way they grow, store, produce, and transport their goods.’
    • ‘Some areas have federal orders, some have state regs, some are unregulated.’
    • ‘Newly appointed FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell wants to ease the regs but aggressively enforce those that remain by proposing to more than double fines for shutting out local competitors.’
    • ‘Engler took bold steps: In 12 years he cut taxes by $21 billion, pruned environmental regs, and cut welfare.’
    • ‘Although a majority of federal regs cover small businesses, many CEOs don't know when they're breaking - or nearly breaking - the law.’
    • ‘Complete the mission however you want, just don't violate the rules, regs and SOPs.’
    • ‘Hearings will be held, comments will be weighed, the proposed regs will be revised as necessary, and final regs will be issued.’
    • ‘The effect of regs 83 and 84 of the General Regulations is that, whether a certificate is revoked or discharged, does not affect the ability of the assisted person's solicitor and counsel to look to the Board for payment of their fees.’
    charter, social code, canon, body of law, system of laws, system of rules
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