Definition of regroup in English:



  • Reassemble or cause to reassemble into organized groups, typically after being attacked or defeated.

    no object ‘by November 1971 the opposition was regrouping’
    with object ‘he regrouped his fighters in the hills’
    • ‘The enemies flailed and struggled to regroup before a second attack could be mounted, but they were not successful.’
    • ‘The War Hawks retreated and regrouped, and the Militia tended its wounds.’
    • ‘It was necessary for all parties, both military and civilian, to lay down arms and regroup.’
    • ‘All remnants of 1832nd and 98th Battalion fall back and regroup!’
    • ‘It then dawned on me it was my job to regroup the troops.’
    • ‘In his hypothetical reverie, he saw that a defeated army could regroup in a matter of weeks and be ready to fight.’
    • ‘Once at Corunna, the British troops regrouped and turned the tables on Napoleon.’
    • ‘But it is a small force, and they will need to recruit and regroup.’
    • ‘The German Air Force was regrouped during June and early July, to open the first stage of the invasion of Britain by destroying the Royal Air Force.’
    • ‘Maroon surged into the area they had left, picking off any who were just partially ‘dead’ and regrouping into one main force again.’
    • ‘Some state militaries will deploy massive numbers of child soldiers as a stopgap measure to delay defeat, creating valuable breathing space for their regular army to regroup and rebuild.’
    • ‘While the Indian troops are regrouping in Naples, Foot is met on the fields by a Roman counterattack.’
    • ‘‘Most of the outer forces have regrouped at the War Galaxy,’ he began.’
    • ‘If the night attack develops the daytime success there should be no gap between the day and night actions so that the enemy could not gain time to move in reserves and fighting equipment or regroup its forces.’
    • ‘‘All forces regroup in designated sectors and await pick-up and orders,’ the battalion commander ordered.’
    • ‘The retreating forces regrouped and met up with their main force at the bottom of the hill.’
    • ‘In the winter of 1778, Washington's ragged army had retreated here to regroup.’
    • ‘Pershing now had forty-two US divisions at his disposal, each twice the size of its European counterpart, and was able to regroup them in a single army - later divided into two - on the right of the Allied line.’
    • ‘On 5 August 1940 an Anglo-Polish Military Agreement was signed which regulated the conditions for Polish forces regrouping in the UK.’
    • ‘The military were inclined to see evacuation as a capitulation rather than as an orderly way of regrouping the civilian population.’
    • ‘Cameron's E-mail said that Templar forces were regrouping in the mountains.’
    • ‘Once you land make every effort to regroup with as many of our forces as you can.’
    • ‘He left in a fast gallop toward the field to regroup his troops and leave the place.’
    • ‘There's no place to back out and make contact at another location or regroup your troops.’
    • ‘His mission in the counter-offensive was to regroup his armies and seize Rostov-on-Don.’
    • ‘This is important because as long as your hero, leader, or at least one of the company troops stays alive, they can regroup near a town, or fort and be re-supplied.’
    • ‘Between the slow moving drift of enormous floating meteors, the group of frigates drift through in order to regroup their attack.’
    • ‘Unable to hold the city, he managed the evacuation adroitly, regrouping his forces at White Plains.’
    • ‘It is not known whether they retain a low profile because the state has taken over most of the field or for tactical reasons, while proceeding to regroup and reorganize themselves.’
    • ‘In the following weeks the Italian army regrouped and counterattacked.’
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