Definition of rego in English:


(also reggo)


NZ, Australian
  • 1A motor-vehicle registration.

    ‘no rego, one headlamp, baldy tyres’
    • ‘Anything less we should not accept before re-commencing payments demanded by the state, such as regos, business license fees and so forth.’
    • ‘Everyone who drives a car pays rego, and now if you happen to be a day late paying your car rego you will get slugged an extra $40 - no matter what.’
    • ‘No rego or insurance, so if you pay that you can use it.’
    • ‘‘Business permits are obtained for a particular vehicle so the rego must match the numbers on the permit,’ she said.’
    • ‘‘I'll do all the rego and stuff, pick it up at lunchtime.’’
  • 2mass noun The action of registering, especially for an activity; registration.

    ‘footy rego day’
    • ‘In order to process your rego, the forum will send a confirmation email to the address you provided.’
    • ‘Comp. details and contact details are all available and on-line rego will be available soon.’


1960s: abbreviation of registration + the colloquial suffix -o.