Definition of registration document in English:

registration document

(also vehicle registration document)


  • (in the UK) a document giving registered information about a vehicle, such as the owner's name, the date of its manufacture, and the engine and chassis numbers.

    • ‘According to the V5 registration document, the car had last changed hands in August of this year, not seven months ago as the seller had initially stated.’
    • ‘You are required to carry the vehicle registration document; take a copy and leave the original at home.’
    • ‘The revision is expected to be finished and come into effect in September, meaning all motorists are obliged to pass the emission test to renew their vehicle registration documents.’
    • ‘The officers requested money from people who wished to make or renew their driver's licenses and vehicle registration documents over and above the regular fee.’
    • ‘In addition, remember to have handy in the glove box your driving licence, GB sticker, and the vehicle's registration document and MOT certificate.’
    • ‘The jury heard that he left his mobile phone and car registration documents behind, and took some of his spare clothes, despite them being wet after just being washed.’
    • ‘Remember to take all your paperwork with you - full and up to date driving licence, vehicle registration document and valid car insurance.’
    • ‘Vehicles must be accessible from the public highway and will not be taken away without the registration document, which must be handed over with the car.’
    • ‘Motorists who fail to obtain a green emission sticker will not be able to obtain their vehicle registration documents.’
    • ‘Mr O'Neill, 44, said: ‘I sent the registration document off to the DVLA at Swansea with a note of the new owner's name and address.’’
    • ‘When I rang to book it in I was told to bring the log book, which we now call the V5 registration document, as well as the old MOT certificate.’
    • ‘Never leave registration documents, MOT or insurance certificates in your car.’
    • ‘An example is a friend recently received through the post a motor vehicle registration document for a vehicle not owned or even known by her, but the address was correct in every detail.’
    • ‘If you have a company car, then to work out the taxable benefit today you need to know the carbon dioxide emission for the exact model, which for recently acquired vehicles will be on the V5 registration document.’
    • ‘The car registration document for the new car came today.’
    • ‘Registration and ownership documents: If you are looking to purchase a road racing bike that started life as a road based sports bike ask to see the registration document and check it against the serial numbers on the frame and engine.’
    • ‘Never leave private mail (especially with your address on it), vehicle registration documents, cash, cheque books, credit and debit cards, laptop computers or mobile phones on display in your car.’
    • ‘Always ask to see vehicle registration documents.’
    • ‘They should ask for a vehicle registration document, a driving licence and additional proof of address.’