Definition of registrar general in English:

registrar general


  • A government official responsible for holding a population census.

    • ‘In 1998, the Annual report of the Registrar General for Northern Ireland reported the population of Northern Ireland to be 1,668,000.’
    • ‘We obtained data on admissions and deaths from the hospital records department, the information and statistics division of the Scottish NHS (hospital admissions) and the Registrar General's Office, Scotland (deaths).’
    • ‘The office was second in London and joint third in the country in the audit carried out last year on all register offices in the country, by the office of the Registrar General.’
    • ‘According to the Review of the Registrar General in England and Wales, the death rate for divorced women aged over 25 is up to 58 per cent higher than for married women.’
    • ‘By 2027, according to Scotland's Registrar General, the proportion of children aged under 16 will have fallen by 19%.’
    • ‘Figures released on Friday from the Registrar General for Scotland show that the county's population in 2018 will stand at 17,196 more than 1,000 fewer than at present.’
    • ‘The Registrar General is appointed under the Great Seal.’
    • ‘The Registrar General for Scotland reported to us all infant deaths occurring after the seventh day of life to the end of the first year and provided the computerised maternity record.’
    • ‘This database is linked to the Registrar General's data on death certificates, with an accuracy of 98%.’
    • ‘100 years ago: The death rates in the 76 great towns of England and Wales were reported by the Registrar General for the previous week, the average rate of mortality being recorded as 23.4 per thousand.’
    • ‘Social class was based on parental occupation (using the Registrar General's 1990 classification).’
    • ‘In contrast, the Registrar General for Scotland has predicted that the country's current population of 5.05 million could fall to 4.84 million by 2009.’