Definition of register office in English:

register office


  • (in the UK) a local government building where civil marriages are conducted and births, marriages, and deaths are recorded with the issue of certificates.

    • ‘Meena, unable to understand the need for three hundred guests at her wedding, complains she would prefer to marry in a register office.’
    • ‘There's a civil union coming which will allow us go to a register office and protect each other.’
    • ‘As the third series started, the four had agreed on a double wedding, and Clive, Jackie and Pam were waiting at the register office for Malcolm.’
    • ‘The two women were arrested minutes before the wedding was due to take place at the register office in October last year.’
    • ‘The office for national statistics and the general register office supplied copies of death certificates.’
    • ‘They married in Chelsea register office just before Christmas.’
    • ‘The ceremony, which parents can tailor to suit their own choice with readings, music or contributions from grandparents, is being offered by the county's registration service in register offices, hotels and other suitable venues.’
    • ‘In June, the Scottish Marriage Act 2002 scrapped the restriction of civil marriages to register offices, allowing councils to approve other sites for ceremonies, including supermarkets.’
    • ‘They will have to undergo fingerprint and iris scans at post offices or register offices before being issued with a new passport or driving licence.’
    • ‘Three years after their first meeting - and after Doreen obtained her own divorce from an early marriage - she wed Jack Hawkins in a simple register office ceremony in London, in 1947.’
    • ‘Within days she agreed to move in with Mr Turner and they married in a Sheffield register office in February 1999, just days after Mr Turner's third divorce came through.’
    • ‘The findings will be debated at the Methodist Conference in Wolverhampton next month when delegates debate what future church weddings have now that couples can wed not only in register offices but in licensed venues including hotels.’
    • ‘The previous biggest shake-up in civil ceremonies was in 1994 when the Marriage Act allowed couples to marry outside register offices for the first time.’
    • ‘Robin persuaded her to go through a ceremony of marriage at a register office, but Heidi thought it was merely a ceremony of betrothal.’
    • ‘Her loyal subjects will be reassured by the news announced last week that although her majesty will not be at the register office, Stephen Fry will be.’
    • ‘A pilot scheme in Bath, at the city's register office, is aiming to get soon-to-be-married couples talking about their attitude to money handling, as well as other areas of potential future conflict.’
    • ‘The book may have also come as something of a shock to his first wife, Iris Pressagh, whom he met in 1965 and married at a register office three years later.’
    • ‘Gays will be able to sign an official document at a register office in front of the registrar and two witnesses, although there will not be an official ceremony.’
    • ‘It was a whirlwind romance and eight weeks later on May 9, 1959, they were married at Macclesfield register office.’
    • ‘Alex knew she was the one, though, and he promptly whisked her off to the register office and married her.’


The form register office is the official term, but registry office is the form which dominates in informal and non-official use


register office