Definition of regional in English:



  • 1Relating to or characteristic of a region.

    ‘regional and local needs’
    ‘regional variations’
    • ‘In fact it is almost the last of the Australian cottage styles to show some regional variation.’
    • ‘The poverty line does not even account for regional variations in the cost of living!’
    • ‘There have also been many studies of local and regional politics.’
    • ‘A relevant geographic market does not have to extend to the UK as a whole, but could be regional, or local.’
    • ‘This possibly could be evidence of a regional variation associated with the South.’
    • ‘Those who do so are asked to fill in entry forms from their respective regional secretary.’
    • ‘The end result is a decrease in regional variation in attitudes, especially within the East.’
    • ‘Advocates promote the joy of leisurely dining and opt for regional cooking and local flavours.’
    • ‘This also highlights a flaw in the reliance of national viewing figures since they fail to show regional variations in taste.’
    • ‘The above patterns are national, but there are ethnic and regional variations.’
    • ‘The sense of national identity is no longer viewed as precluding local and regional identities.’
    • ‘Providing incentives for local and regional produce would fit very well under such schemes.’
    • ‘All women gave written informed consent to join the study, which had local and regional ethics approval.’
    • ‘This specialization tended to define more boldly the regional character of European agriculture.’
    • ‘Prior to that he worked extensively in the UK and Ireland in local and regional development.’
    • ‘Mr Western, regional secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, was suspended after he refused to shave off his beard.’
    • ‘There were regional variations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.’
    • ‘It is also important that smaller media players be able to provide important local and regional content.’
    • ‘There has also been a tendency to form national alliances of local and regional organizations.’
    • ‘I have had the honour of serving North Vancouver for many years at the local and regional level.’
    geographical, topographical, zonal, territorial, topical
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    1. 1.1British Relating to the regions of a country rather than the capital.
      ‘a regional accent’
      • ‘The fund is the largest of nine regional venture capital funds and is sponsored by the London Development Agency.’
      • ‘A referendum on whether Yorkshire and Humber residents want a regional assembly will be held next year.’
      • ‘He said people would not support proposals for an elected regional assembly unless it had the power to make a real difference.’
      • ‘But many feel that it would lead to the end of Bedfordshire as we know it, with regional assemblies taking over.’
      • ‘Your plans claim that York would make a good capital of Yorkshire if a regional assembly is agreed by referendum next year.’
      • ‘If the government is determined to appoint regional assemblies, Cumbria should become a region in its own right.’
      • ‘If a regional assembly for Yorkshire were to succeed, it would have to generate interest and support among local voters.’
      • ‘He said that the regional assemblies should not be involved in delivering services which were best delivered at a local level.’
      • ‘It is thought a regional assembly would have 25 to 35 members who would choose their own leader.’
      • ‘If the referendum delivers a no vote on regional assemblies, then all talk of scrapping councils and mergers would be halted.’
      • ‘The governors would be elected by regional parliaments rather than by popular elections as is the case now.’
      • ‘A regional assembly would have the power to impose a tax levy on local councils without any discussion on how much, or how it will be spent.’
      • ‘The reaction to John Prescott's proposals for regional assemblies has run the gamut from apathy to antagonism.’
      • ‘These housing allocations were divided up between councils in Yorkshire by the regional assembly over two years ago.’
      • ‘The soap videos provide both a glimpse of popular British culture and useful exposure to regional accents and idioms.’
      • ‘Parish, borough and county councillor Alan Whittaker is a fierce opponent of a regional assembly.’
      • ‘His voice is smooth and without a trace of a regional accent and speaking to him on the phone it's almost as if I heard it somewhere before.’
      • ‘The accent was ranked in the bottom half of the 34 regional accents surveyed.’
      • ‘For some time I have been puzzling the pros and cons of a regional assembly to replace the county council.’
      • ‘In the long term that might mean a regional assembly fighting for our interests, as suggested by the Archbishop of York.’
      local, localized, devolved
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usually regionals
  • 1A stamp, newspaper, or other thing produced or used in a particular region.

    • ‘Findlay is more interested in local weekly papers than prestigious regionals such as the Post.’
    1. 1.1regionalsNorth American A sporting contest involving competitors from a particular region.
      ‘the opening game of the Little League Senior Division Softball Eastern Regionals’
      • ‘This summer in Lincoln, after breezing through the seven-state regionals in Oregon, Sean qualified for the junior amateur category and won his own national championship.’
      • ‘Hundreds of dancers ages 9 to 19 participate in regionals and finals, coming away with a clearer picture of their future.’
      • ‘‘Soccer regionals begin next week,’ he said grimly.’
      • ‘I went to regionals and was excited because the state champion from the year before was also in my regional and had attended my school when he won.’
      • ‘The winner of the gold, silver and bronze medals in the regionals participated in the national abilympics held in November 2002.’