Definition of regild in English:



[with object]
  • Gild (something) again.

    ‘he regilded picture frames’
    • ‘There is more to this restoration than plugging cracks and regilding: the quality of the decoration is a revelation, now that it can be seen properly for the first time.’
    • ‘All the frames in the Simoni collection were found in near-perfect condition; none were ever regilded, restored or altered.’
    • ‘Its two golden domes and four golden minarets had been last regilded in the 1870s.’
    • ‘Matter of fact, the only thing that keeps the shop busy is the business of repairing the eagles, which are always coming in for regilding and refurbishing.’
    • ‘He also employed Galle to regild the mounts with matt gilding.’
    • ‘Old nobles regarded them as jumped-up - although they were eager enough to ‘regild the arms' with their daughters' dowries.’
    • ‘A temple representative said yesterday that wooden tablets were found inside the statue of the Vairocana, or cosmic, Buddha while the icon was being regilded.’
    • ‘The weather vane on top of BR's Eastern Region headquarters had been regilded by York Civic Trust and so the representation of a North Eastern Region Class S 4-6 - 0 steam locomotive once more shone out above the city.’
    • ‘All the previous repairs to the gilding were removed, and following consolidation of the worm-eaten panel, the losses were filled with gesso and regilded using traditional materials.’
    • ‘With the jets repaired and the zodiac signs that girdle Adas's globe regilded, South Lake was drained and cleared of lily roots, a fragile operation because the clay bottom did not permit the use of heavy machinery.’
    • ‘This monument, with its statue of Strauss conducting with the bow of his violin while ethereal figures waltz about him has recently been regilded and restored as have so many of the buildings in Austria's capital.’
    • ‘Rumour has it that when they were regilding, they had to inform the Treasury due to the amount of gold being used.’