Definition of regarding in English:



  • In respect of; concerning.

    ‘your recent letter regarding the above proposal’
    • ‘No, I refer to judgements made about a decade ago regarding the York Barbican development.’
    • ‘However, this year there were concerns regarding the significant rise in the cost of tickets.’
    • ‘We didn't talk about the wedding, but threw light-hearted jibes at each other regarding our respective lives.’
    • ‘None of the amendments related in any way to the issue of financial disclosure or altered in any respect the releases regarding support and property rights.’
    • ‘Howard made some good points regarding respect, responsibility and decency.’
    • ‘Participants were required to adhere to the same library rules regarding respect for copyright and general behaviour as are other members of the university.’
    • ‘There are no major problems regarding the respect of fundamental rights.’
    • ‘With respect to his comments regarding the fans' behaviour, how did he expect them to react?’
    • ‘Despite having written three times to Air Transat I have yet to receive any reply regarding my concerns about the safety of their aircraft.’
    • ‘South Dublin planning officials pose 42 queries, chiefly regarding an environmental impact study and traffic management around the stadium.’
    • ‘How concerned should fitness professionals be regarding caffeine's influence on exercise?’
    • ‘The other file system problems discussed previously regarding performance and security are also no longer a concern.’
    • ‘I ask Mr Sowry not to come begging to me for a reference, particularly regarding his observation skills.’
    • ‘Correspondence has been exchanged between the parties regarding their respective positions.’
    • ‘The ECB's regulations regarding junior cricket in respect of helmets and bowling and fielding restrictions have been adopted.’
    • ‘Archival research continues to raise new and difficult questions regarding Piero in other respects.’
    • ‘We refer to your article on Sunday 21 July regarding the proposed new measures for stringent checks on general practitioners in the wake of the Shipman Inquiry.’
    • ‘He said his Government has reservations about the proposed constitution and is particularly concerned about aspects regarding common foreign policy and defence.’
    • ‘He raised several concerns regarding the proposed tuition hikes, especially with respect to the differential tuition fees applied to international students.’
    • ‘Anxieties regarding respectability were often concealed by seemingly trivial complaints over children, gardens or noise.’
    concerning, as regards, with regard to, in regard to, with respect to, in respect of, with reference to, relating to, respecting, as for, as to, re, about, apropos, on the subject of, in connection with
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