Definition of regain in English:



[with object]
  • 1Obtain possession or use of (something, typically a quality or ability) again after losing it.

    ‘he soon regained his composure’
    • ‘He spent three months in hospital but began to regain feeling in his limbs.’
    • ‘Large classes of freight traffic were lost, as well, never to be regained.’
    • ‘Hamlet names him new ruler of Denmark before he dies, and Fortinbras regains all of his father's lost land, and becomes King of Denmark.’
    • ‘Under Deng Xiaoping, the reformers slowly regained control of the country.’
    • ‘Quickly regaining his composure he whipped out a cigarette and a bottle of beer.’
    • ‘I tried to slowly regain control of myself the next day.’
    • ‘Wilson has regained the ability to laugh at himself and Mr Young said his recent progress had been tremendous.’
    • ‘After getting over his shock and confusion, Candide regains his optimism when he reaches Venice.’
    • ‘Then we must work hard later in life to regain the abilities we had as children.’
    • ‘They can't, and don't need to, wait until Democrats regain power.’
    • ‘The House of Commons itself would regain much of the power lost over the last three years.’
    • ‘The leader of the monks was taken aback, but quickly regained his composure.’
    • ‘Ciresi lost the primary, but Grams lost the general election and failed to regain his Senate seat.’
    • ‘Wool production recovered but never regained its former economic importance.’
    • ‘And if the Republicans regain the Senate in November he may get his way.’
    • ‘One can only hope that after a period away, he regains his strength and returns for another round with Africa, in all her loves and her sadnesses, too.’
    • ‘He had gotten back to third lieutenant but never regained his confidence or former rank.’
    • ‘When she had finally regained consciousness she wasn't surprised to find Dai missing.’
    • ‘It is vital to this country that the Festival regain its world class status and ambition.’
    • ‘Woodson intends to return only if he regains full strength.’
    recover, get back, win back, recoup, retrieve, reclaim, repossess, have something returned, be reunited with, rescue, salvage
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    1. 1.1 Reach (a place, position, or thing) again; get back to.
      ‘they were unable to regain their boats’
      • ‘Doncaster regained third place in the league overtaking Sheffield Collegiate who did not have a league game.’
      • ‘Plans are now taking shape to ensure that the building regains its place at the creative centre of arts and science with a new bid to create a creative industries centre within its walls.’
      • ‘York City Knights star Trevor Krause has regained his place in the National League Two team of the month.’
      • ‘Thus the viol consort has to some extent regained its place as the chamber ensemble par excellence.’
      • ‘Her main target is to regain the world No 1 spot she held for three weeks in the autumn.’
      • ‘The lost corner of the west had regained its central position and Europe had reclaimed its east.’
      • ‘The Blair government meanwhile is desperate to regain the high ground on its decision to go to war.’
      return to, get back to, find one's way back to, reach again, reattain, rejoin
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Mid 16th century: from French regagner (see re-, gain).