Definition of reg in English:



  • usually in combination A vehicle's registration mark, especially the letter denoting the year of manufacture.

    ‘a B-reg lorry’
    • ‘There was a bloke on a brand new, 03 reg, baby Harley, trying to commit suicide in front of me.’
    • ‘I actually found this a little too dark, cold and eerie for my liking, the A14 cuts across some fairly lonely countryside and with nothing else on the road I was praying that my K reg Polo was going to last the distance.’
    • ‘Use your common sense: if the car you're looking at is a 1991 J reg then you should expect it to have upwards of 140,000 miles.’
    • ‘And now I pretty much have it back as the new car is a red, J reg, Peugeot 405GRD.’
    • ‘We have a K reg Volvo 440 that has done 85,000 miles.’
    • ‘It was a red, somewhat clapped out P reg small saloon.’
    • ‘The Coast Guard assigns each commercial boat builder a three-letter identification code, which is followed by the boat's serial number, the date the boat was certified to meet manufacturing regs and its model year.’
    • ‘It was a replacement for her red D reg Rover Metro which was stolen last summer.’
    • ‘Driving my nice R reg Suzuki today made me feel good.’
    • ‘In the meantime, if anyone is interested in purchasing a silver 1990 H reg VW Polo, then make me an reasonable offer (and when I say reasonable, I mean hard cash).’
    • ‘Because my car is an L reg 1992, it has now been classed as a write off.’
    • ‘I'm not sure they make a diesel P reg Fiesta, but I suggested that it might give a warning inside the petrol cap about what fuel to put in, as it does on my car, before I gingerly made off for the brief respite of the warmth of the shop as I paid.’
    • ‘They escaped in a grey M reg Mazda Xedos 6, which was driven by a third man.’
    • ‘After all, we don't want Darren turning up on his 18th birthday after a night on the WKD, in his F reg Ford Fiesta XR2, ready for a drive do we?’
    • ‘Officers searched the K reg Audi they were travelling in and found three holdalls in the boot containing £960, £840 and £312, all in cash.’
    • ‘Huntley's life settled into a mundane routine centring on his car, a pristine J reg Ford Fiesta, his work and his dog, Sadie.’
    • ‘The first BMW had alloy wheels, was X reg, and the last three letters of its license plate were WKK.’
    • ‘On nearby Grendan Street, a 52 - reg silver blue Peugeot 206 had paint splattered on the bonnet, wing and door.’


1960s: abbreviation.