Definition of refurb in English:



  • An act or instance of refurbishing a building.

    ‘the theatre closes next year for its £100m refurb’
    • ‘At least, the Americans have the money and resources to do the refurb properly.’
    • ‘There might have been a refurb, but it was still distinctive Little Chef - bright and cheerful, with some of the lighting fluorescent in nature.’
    • ‘London's Festival Hall closes next month for an expensive refurb.’
    • ‘Although it recently underwent a comprehensive refurb, in a bid to broaden its customer appeal, the interior has mercifully not been altered beyond recognition.’
    • ‘There's been a public house on this site for about 60 years, but a recent refurb has really transformed the place.’
    • ‘Whatever our expectations are of Cotswold cuteness, we're out of step with the locals, who clearly haven't been alienated by the refurb.’
    • ‘A recent refurb has transformed this hotel into the height of contemporary chic.’
    • ‘Well, Bar coast is in desperate need of a refurb.’
    • ‘The York pub reopened this week after a two-week refurb.’
    • ‘Being a local to the area I was very pleased with the refurb to the old Washington.’
    • ‘Structurally nothing was altered which had us all wondering what exactly had taken the three months for the refurb to be completed.’
    • ‘The same sum was invested in a refurb that has successfully married the old and the new.’
    • ‘Speaking of poll dancing… I'm not sure I like the refurb at Village.’
    • ‘It's the case now that the older properties are attracting social security tenants, unless, that is, the landlords invest in a refurb.’
    • ‘He said it will be a big refurb, and will include "a raised area so we can eventually have bands".’
    modernization, restoration, redecoration, refurbishment, revamping, makeover, reconditioning, rehabilitation, overhauling, repair, redevelopment, rebuilding, reconstruction, remodelling, updating, improvement
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