Definition of refound in English:



[with object]
  • Found (a city or institution) again; re-establish.

    ‘Westminster was refounded as a Benedictine monastery under Mary Tudor’
    • ‘As a consequence, it is argued, we need a refounded movement that overcomes old divisions and practices.’
    • ‘The Baltic Council was founded on 12 May 1990 by the newly refounded independent states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.’
    • ‘While committed to the idea of refounding a genuine Communist Party in Australia, he latterly spent much of his formidable energy in his personal relationships and on his outstanding sporting abilities.’
    • ‘In 2001 the Edinburgh May Day Committee was formed to resurrect the annual celebration of working people, and the Edinburgh People's Festival was refounded.’
    • ‘The Chapel Royal itself was refounded as a permanent institution by Edward IV.’
    • ‘But by the end of the century the garden had fallen into decline, and was virtually refounded by Hans Sloane when he bought the Manor of Chelsea from Lord Cheyne in 1712.’
    • ‘Since their power base was outside the Reichstag, in the court, army, bureaucracy, and Protestant Church, he would be able to refound the Reich as a more authoritarian regime.’
    • ‘In London, the Daily Telegraph, refounded in 1855 as a penny daily and as the flagship of the liberal press, had a circulation of almost 200,000 in 1871, far outstripping The Times.’
    • ‘In Ireland, for instance, schools of design were set up in Belfast, Cork, and Dublin in 1850, after the famine; the Belfast one failed, only to be refounded in 1865 at the behest of local linen and printing trades.’
    • ‘He had been an antiquary and collector, who at one time owned the Wilton Diptych, now in the National Gallery, London, and was also one of the people who refounded the Society of Antiquaries of London in 1717.’
    • ‘The school may have been refounded later in the first century BC by Andronicus of Rhodes, but this is uncertain.’
    • ‘And I hope Respect helps refound a left wing tradition that stands for redistribution, equality, and civil liberties - and for socialism.’
    • ‘Germany and Austria-Hungary took control of most of the country and the University of Warsaw was refounded and it began operating as a Polish university.’
    • ‘In 1663 the Académie Royale was refounded under the protection of Louis XIV's minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert, for whom it was primarily an instrument of his centralizing statecraft.’
    • ‘The Wandervogel Group was refounded after the war and exists today.’
    • ‘England's first successful plantation in North America was Virginia, refounded (after several false starts) in 1607.’
    • ‘The runes cannot yet be deciphered, but the monastery was refounded under Cnut in 1014 and the inscription is no doubt connected to the site in some way.’
    • ‘One of the first moves after the Russian withdrawal was the refounding of the University of Warsaw and it began operating as a Polish university in November 1915.’
    • ‘In 886, after Viking raids, King Alfred refounded the city within the protective Roman walls and the old town, or ‘Aldwych’, was abandoned.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, his wealth and amiability gave him standing, he was chancellor of the University of Oxford, and Pembroke College was refounded in his honour.’