Definition of reformer in English:



  • A person who makes changes to something in order to improve it.

    ‘a skilled reformer of government spending’
    ‘a radical social reformer’
    • ‘He's a radical hippie reformer bent on changing things, is what he is.’
    • ‘The only provision made by Calvinist reformers for music in worship was simple metrical psalm settings.’
    • ‘Roosevelt was more of a conservative reformer than most businessmen understood.’
    • ‘The Queen's mingling of the old and new religions (the 'Elizabethan Settlement') perturbed reformers and conservatives alike.’
    • ‘He grabs the listener by the lapels like a social reformer shouting "can't you see what's happening?"’
    • ‘Under Deng Xiaoping, the reformers slowly regained control of the country.’
    • ‘He is a white reformer who fights for rights of blacks.’
    • ‘The common thread is that all three are pro-western, liberal economic reformers.’
    • ‘Progressive reformers focused public attention in particular on low-income children.’
    • ‘Many of the political reformers with whom the artist felt instinctive sympathy supported the French.’